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Post  Paddy on Fri May 22, 2009 4:41 pm


You are all members because you all have the same intrest so WHY not talk about it with like minded people Wink

Use this forum to talk about anything and everything but please refrain from swearing on it as its not cool Evil or Very Mad

Ask people questions like:
Training advice?
Joining up down the gym to train together?
Arrange sparring sessions?
Whos the best boxer in the world/gym?
Whos the best amature in the world/gym?
Whos the best coach in the world/gym?
What Diets,Vitamins,recipes?
Who's got a service that you might require. (With many people from many walks of life someone may be able to get you a better deal if you ask?)
Or advitise yourself if you have something to offer tell everyone.
If you want advice on equipment or have advice positive or negitive let people know.
What would you like to see down the gym ?
What training you like/dislike ?

Anything at all just get posting the more you post the more people will comment the bigger the community will grow.
Everyone uses facebook to let people know what they have been doing or how they are feeling so why not do the same here.
Lets make this the biggest and the best forum on the web.
Are you up for the challenge Question

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Re: Start posting

Post  TJXXX on Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:00 am

HI Very Happy
my Tom jonny and i started at the academy last summer to loose weight and build my confidence up
the atmosphere is really welcoming and the people there are wiked
this place changed my life and im gonna come back in the future...... theres no place like it
see you all soon hopefully Cool "jonny be good" haha xx

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